Explore the Most Popular Attractions in Tupelo, Mississippi | Visit Tupelo (2024)

Whether you want to get up close and personal with roaming buffalo or are in the mood to feel the beat of our live music scene, Tupelo has you covered.

Browse the list below to explore all that Tupelo has to offer and start planning your trip.

All Things to Do

Elvis Be inspired by the place the king got his start. Learn More
Family Fun Sometimes a family just needs an adventure together and a Tupelo excursion fits the bill. Learn More
Shopping From antiques to boutiques and everything in between, you can get away and lose yourself in… Learn More

You can live the journey that changed music forever

Growing up in Tupelo, Elvis dreamed of becoming a superhero. That is, until the day his mother bought him a guitar for his eleventh birthday. Live the rest of his journey with…

Learn More

You can choose your own path at the Natchez Trace

Come see why The Natchez Trace Parkway is one of America's Top 10 National Parks. Take some time, choose your path and reconnect with nature within its 444-miles of beauty.

Learn More

You can travel through time

See how Tupelo's past shaped America's future. Follow trails uncovering stories of Chickasaw Nation, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement in Tupelo and Lee County.

Learn More

You can taste classic Mississippi fare, with a Tupelo twist

Around here, the air is abuzz with creative folks doing things their own way. They're creating new tastes and new culinary ways to put a smile on your face.

Learn More

Featured Stories

Plan Your Trip

We've got plenty of itineraries to help you jumpstart your trip planning and make the most of your time in Tupelo.

Military, Memorials, and Museums

If military history interests you, grab this list and visit these locations in #MyTupelo that tell the story ofsome…


Elvis’ Tupelo Driving Tour


Guys Weekends

Get Your Man-Card Punched in Tupelo

Where’s the perfect place to get away and do guy things among your guy friends?


Eat Like a King

When in the birthplace of the King, we think you should EAT LIKE A KING. Elvis definitely had his favorite…


The Transformational Trail

Take a walk in our shoes to see why Tupelo shines with positivity.


Americana Music Triangle

Where America’s Music Came toBe

The Americana Music Triangle is home to music's greatest story: nine distinct genres born in one tiny, mystical sliceof…


Soak Up The Sun: Outdoor Dining Spots in Tupelo

On a warm day, there is only one place to be… seated on a great rooftop or patio with beverages…


Get Your Walk On

Whether you are looking for an easy walking path or something a little more challenging, Tupelo has you covered.


Local Experiences

1950s Elvis Mural

Reed’s Department Store (corner of West Main and Front Streets) 131 West Main Street Tupelo, Mississippi 38804

Learn More

1970s Jumpsuit Elvis

1970s Jumpsuit Elvis 131 West Main Street Tupelo, MS38804

Learn More

Ballard Park

2629 West Main Street Tupelo, MS (662) 841-6440

Learn More

Barnes Crossing Shopping District

1001 Barnes Crossing Road Tupelo, MS 38804 (662) 844-6255 | Website

Learn More

Battle of Ackia

Intersection of President Avenue and Pierce Street Tupelo, MS

Learn More

Battle of King’s Creek marker on Heritage Trail

513 S. Spring St. Tupelo, MS

Learn More

Bel Air Golf Course

2107 Country ClubRoad Tupelo, MS (662) 841-6446 | Website

Learn More

Blackland Prairie Section

(800) 305-7417 or 662-680-4027 | Website

Learn More

Blue Canoe

2006 North Gloster Street Tupelo, MS 38801 (662) 269-2642 | Website

Learn More

Blue Majik Restaurant and Lounge

Blue Majik Restaurant and Lounge 883 South Green Street Tupelo, MS 38804 (662) 372-7759 | Website

Learn More

Book Stack Mural

131 West Main Street Tupelo, MS38804

Learn More

Brice’s Crossroad Natl Battlefield Site

Hwy 370W. Baldwyn, MS 38824 (662) 365-3969 | Website

Learn More

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More to Explore

Chickasaw Homeland

Learn about the rich history and culture of the Chickasaw people.



Browse Tupelo's calendar to find the perfect event or culture-rich festival to add to yourtrip.



With things to do in Tupelo, you’ll need to find the perfect place tostay.


Tupelo has over 200 restaurants ready to serve up some southern charm. Be prepared to fall in love with Tupelo’s foodscene.


Explore the Most Popular Attractions in Tupelo, Mississippi | Visit Tupelo (2024)


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