Hassle-free teeth whitening pens to refresh your smile on the go (2024)

Get easy, fast results with this handbag hero.

Hassle-free teeth whitening pens to refresh your smile on the go (1)

1Colgate Max White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen
2Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Pen
3Wisdom Intense White Instant Whitening Pen
4Mr Bright Teeth Whitening Pen
5SmileTime Teeth Whitening Pen
6Smile Science Harley Street Professional Teeth Whitening Pen
7Moon Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen
8Pearl Drops Strong and White Overnight Serum

If you want to achieve whiter teeth, you may be looking into the best teeth whitening products to help you on your journey to a brighter smile and for a method that promises zero fuss, zero mess, and the minimum amount of wait time possible, teeth whitening pens are the best way to go.

They don't promise long-lasting results like other home whitening treatments, such as whitening kits and teeth whitening strips, but they’re perfect for anyone looking to add a quick-fix whiteness to their smile ahead of an event or special occasion, or wanting to do a last-minute touch-up on the go.

Easy to use, handbag friendly, and much less intrusive compared to other treatments, we've rounded up the best whitening pens you can buy in the UK to get your teeth looking pearly white in no time at all.

Best teeth whitening pens at a glance:

Best overnight teeth whitening pen: Colgate Max White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen - view on Boots
Best teeth whitening pen for sensitive teeth: Mr Bright Teeth Whitening Pen - view on Boots
Best-rated teeth whitening pen: SmileTime Teeth Whitening Pen - view on SmileTime Teeth
Best value teeth whitening pen: Smile Science Harley Street Professional Teeth Whitening Pen - view on Sephora

Structurally shaped like a pen, this product contains a whitening gel with a brush for application. This gel contains a low concentration of bleach, typically hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, that can break down stains on the surface of the tooth, and in turn, lighten the shade of the tooth enamel.

Best teeth whitening pens

Best overnight teeth whitening pen


Don't want to worry about waiting for it to work or having to rinse it before you leave the house?


  • Works overnight so you can eat and drink like normal throughout the day
  • Reverses 15 years of discolouration within three weeks
  • 35 treatments included


  • Brush can get a bit tacky with product if not wiped with a tissue after every use

Best viral teeth whitening pen


Created by dentists Dr Lisa and Dr Vanessa, this clinically formulated whitening pen is designed


  • Perfect for whitening on the go
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Removes daily tea and coffee stains


  • Some reviewers thought they should have more product for their money

Best teeth whitening pen for quick results


Clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to two shades after a single use, the Wisdom Intense White


  • Clinically proven to make teeth two shades whiter in a single use
  • Works in 15 minutes
  • No need to brush your teeth after using


  • Some felt the brush was a bit big to get into the edges and coat the sides of their teeth

Best teeth whitening pen for sensitive teeth


Bright by name, bright by nature! The Mr Bright Teeth Whitening Pen is easy to apply with a soft,


  • Lasts for up to 40 uses
  • Perfect size for popping in your handbag for on-the-go top ups
  • Ideal for those with teeth sensitivity


  • Some felt the gel was a little thick

Best-rated teeth whitening pen


With over 1,000 reviews and an average rating of five out of five stars, the SmileTime Teeth


  • Promises quick results
  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-peroxide active whitening ingredient


  • Some felt that the product could be bigger

Best value teeth whitening pen


This dentist-approved teeth whitening pen from the Smile Science Harley Street clinic contains an


  • Dentist-approved
  • Great price
  • Gentle on tooth enamel


  • Not many reviews

Best celebrity teeth whitening pen


We've all heard of the Kardashians, and while we're sure they're using much more expensive teeth


  • Has nice vanilla mint taste
  • Free from SLS/SLES, parabens and artificial flavours
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Cannot be used in combination with coffee, tea, cigarettes or other substances that may impact the whitening effect

Best tooth whitening pen with added benefits


Described as the 'first beauty serum for teeth and gums', this is another overnight whitening


  • Designed to strengthen surface enamel
  • Improves gloss and shine of teeth
  • Contains Vitamin E and refreshing mint oils


  • Needs to be left on for at least 30 minutes


Do teeth whitening pens work?

Teeth whitening pens and results can vary but for the most part, teeth whitening pens are effective teeth stain removers and will help you with achieving whiter teeth. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this type of home whitening won’t provide a permanent solution. It’ll work well in the short term when used as a maintenance tool, but for more effective, long-lasting results, you so should investigate other options such as kits and strips.

How to use a whitening pen:

Application instructions can vary with different teeth whitening pens, but for the most part, the process is super easy:

  1. Twist the pen to dispense gel onto the application brush
  1. Use the brush to paint the whitening gel onto your teeth
  1. Leave in place for five to 30 minutes (dependent on the pen)
  1. Rinse your mouth to remove excess gel
  1. Use daily to maintain whitening effects

How long does it take to whiten teeth with a whitening pen?

The results of a teeth whitening pen can appear in as little as a matter of days to a couple of weeks.

How often should you use a whitening pen?

Different pens have different requirements, and you should read the instructions for your chosen whitening pen before beginning with the treatment. For example, the Moon Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen is advised for use for a maximum of two times a day for two weeks whilst the Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Pen recommends an ongoing daily treatment.

Are whitening pens safe?

Whitening pens are generally safe to use, so long as you use them as outlined and check for any safety advice. For example, some kits are not suitable for anyone under the age of 12 and can’t be used if you are pregnant or have existing dental concerns such as ulcers or exposed gums.

As with any form of at-home teeth whitening, some side effects can include tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and damage to the tooth enamel if overused.

Always do your research before purchasing and check the ingredients list for gentle ingredients or a low concentration of harsh bleach, and for any known allergies. And, of course, if irritation occurs, stop using the treatment. It’s recommended to seek advice from your dentist before undertaking new treatments if you’re in any doubt or you’re concerned about the sensitivity of your teeth.

Looking for longer-lasting results? A teeth whitening kit may be what you're looking for as they usually come with a mouth guard, activating solution, a syringe of gel, and a UV light to help you achieve a more dazzling smile at home.

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Hassle-free teeth whitening pens to refresh your smile on the go (2024)


Does the high smile whitening pen work? ›

Hismile teeth whitening pen

This surprisingly worked pretty well for me and whitened within a few minutes. Hismiles other whitening products don't really work that well for me but this product definitely helped!

What do dentists say about teeth whitening pens? ›

While a teeth-whitening pen might be a good “quick fix,” there are other things you can do to make it more long-lasting. A regular dental cleaning—which is important on so many levels—is helpful in keeping your teeth from turning yellow.

How do you use the go smile teeth whitening pen? ›

Each pen provides plenty of whitening; just turn the dial and brush the serum onto teeth twice a day, at home or on the go. The serum dissolves away, leaving you with a light minty taste.

Does coconut oil actually whiten teeth? ›

“Truth be told, coconut oil does not contain any whitening properties, but when people use coconut oil on their teeth, they begin paying more attention to their oral hygiene by thoroughly examining their teeth and gums and brushing more often, leading to healthier gums and whiter teeth.” In that way, Patterson says ...

Do whitening pens really whiten your teeth? ›

How Effective Are They? When it comes to these pens' effectiveness, it really depends on your type of discoloration and the application process. First, not all stains are created equal: these bleaching agents will likely whiten yellow stains but probably won't whiten brown or grey stains.

Do whitening pens work better than strips? ›

Teeth whitening pens are a convenient and affordable way to brighten teeth, but their effects may not be as immediately noticeable or long-lasting as those of traditional strips. Applying strips takes more time and effort, but they often provide better results than pens.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening pens? ›

Overall, teeth whitening pens are considered to be safe to use - as long as you follow the instructions on the packaging. However, some people may experience side effects such as tooth sensitivity or irritations of the gums. This discomfort is usually temporary and not harmful.

Is it okay to use a whitening pen every day? ›

The product is safe to use nightly (once per day). The recommended cycle is one week at a time, but you can use it until it is finished.

Do I rinse after using a teeth whitening pen? ›

There are two ways to use the teeth whitening pen. If they are doing a full treatment, the gel needs to dry for 10-15 minutes. If it is a quick touch-up, they can rinse off the gel after 60 seconds. A few teeth whitening gels do not need a rinse-off.

How long do I leave a teeth whitening pen on? ›

For the Colgate® Optic White® Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen, we recommend a minimum of four to six hours of contact with teeth, without any food or drink. How long will the teeth whitening pen last? The Colgate® Optic White® Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen can last up to 35 days when used as directed.

How long do I leave smile whitening on? ›

20 Minutes under Light

Smile Perfected™ LED light activates the gel. Making 20 minutes all that is needed to achieve professional whitening results with no sensitivity or pain.

How long does smile direct whitening pen take? ›

Brush teeth first — do not floss. Open the bright on pen and slowly twist the bottom until gel is visible on the brush. Brush the gel onto your front top and bottom teeth in a circular motion and wear for 5 minutes. Avoid putting gel on your gums.

Does olive oil really whiten teeth? ›

Though scientific support for olive oil's effectiveness as a tooth-whitening agent remains limited, its proponents remain hopeful it can create brighter smiles by gradually eliminating surface stains while improving oral hygiene.

Does apple cider vinegar whiten teeth? ›

Apple cider vinegar as a whitening rinse won't lead to immediately brighter, whiter teeth. Consistent use over time – making sure to dilute to avoid enamel erosion – can eventually lead to a whiter smile. Always be sure to consult a dentist first to make sure it's the best choice.

Can baking soda whiten teeth? ›

Baking soda can be used with some water to remove the stains on the surface of the teeth. It can also be used with hydrogen peroxide to enhance its whitening effects. Baking soda can be used by individuals with regular toothpastes too. It is also used commercially in some teeth whitening products and toothpastes.

How long does the Hismile pen take to work? ›

Whiten for 2 minutes. Rinse your mouth with water. Do not swallow. Store in cool dry place.

What are the negative effects of hismile? ›

Irritation of the gums, mild to significant chemical burns, damage to the enamel and tooth sensitivity. “It infiltrates into the dental structure to remove staining and can cause demineralisation. The higher the concentration, the greater the potential for gum irritation and sensitivity,” said Dr Amso.

Does Hismile work on really yellow teeth? ›

It's essential to clarify that this product does not whiten your teeth with continued use; instead, it serves as a temporary fix to cancel out yellow tones and enhance your smile for a few hours.

Is the Hismile whitening pen permanent? ›

Hismile V34 colour corrector

Not only will it not permanently whiten your teeth – because it's not designed to – it also is not meant to replace your everyday oral healthcare routine.


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