Roblox Pinewood Computer Core Codes [March 2024] - Game Specifications (2024)

‘IMAGINATION PLATFORM ‘is how Roblox advertises itself. A platform that empowers its developer to develop online3Dsimulatorgames. Founded ByDavid Baszucki and Erick Casselin2004,later released in 2006 for all. Listed for12+withparental guidancecurrently, it has active players of160 milliononthe Play Store.

Roblox Pinewood Computer Core Codes are secret codes computer codes that can access certain areas in the game. Currently, there are three types of codes available, namely, First, Second, and Third. With these codes’ help, you can easily open the computer panels. In this post, I’ve mentioned all the working codes. Let’s dive right into it.

Works on programming languageLuaat present it’s described as agame developed by gamers for gamers.What makes it unique is that children can play it onXBOX, PC, Mac, Ios, Amazon devices, and Android.Just register yourself on Roblox with a different username apart from your real name, and you are good to go. Check the requirements before running the client on your computer.

What is Pinewood Computer Core?

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Developed ByDiddleshots,also known asPBCC Pinewood Builders Computer Core, has now stepped into the Roblox gaming community. WithSCI-FIbadging backing up, they came up with introducingSPYcharacter in super hit Roblox series. As the thought of being a top-levelspyhaving access to top-levelsecurity. Working by the government and throwing criminals behind bars after watching theJames Bond seriesis more than enough to give goosebumps to the players. Thus to fulfill this,Pinewood Builder Computer Core Gamehas been launched.

Active Roblox Pinewood Computer Core Codes

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If you have kept playing Roblox games for a long time, you will be quite surprised as these Roblox Pinewood Computer Core Codes won’t provide you any special powers or coins, even no gems. The use of codes here is limited only to granting access tocommands of the main facility.One could sum up as their usefulness lies only to when it comes, they would give you access to the main panel, which would help you complete the game’s missions.

The game is split intothree computer panels; Various sectors from A to G, Coolant room, and Fan Temperature.At present, only three Roblox Pinewood Computer Core codes are available to use each for unlocking three of the leading computer panels. These are:

First Code(5-33-41-18)

Once you reach sector B’s mainframe, the first computer panel right in the center of the room, you could unlock it by using primary Code. Correctly inputting the Codewould also open sector F’smain door. You could know about this Code through our articles and too thorough announcements occasionally done in a game.

Second Code (6-44-52-29)

Leaked through game developers in the Game shout, it was until then no one knew about this secondary Code. Knowing everyone was pretty amused as the trick was toadd one digit in every seven numbers of its primary Code.

Expired Roblox Pinewood Computer Core Codes

Third Code (9773727)

Till last year it was a topic of debate as for muchtertiary Code didn’texist. Later, it revealed that even the tertiary Code existed and proved useful to unlock the third panel. However, many existing theories regarding the existence of this Code based on the previous relation betweenprimary and secondary codetheories suggest that it might be 7-55-63-34. Still, now it’s confirmed this is the correct Code.

How to Use Roblox Pinewood Computer Core Codes?

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Redeeming the Roblox Pinewood Computer Core codes, unlike other Roblox series game, is nowhere close to it. Remember, you are a spy, and for a spy, nothing comes well served; you have to find your way through problems; however, we are there to aid you and help you be a good spy.

After completing Boot up, launch thePBCC game.

When inside the underground facility, look forComputer panels.

Bravo, enter one of the three Roblox Pinewood Computer Core codes and wait for a while. If entered correctly, the entire computer panel would move up, and the game would provide you with another computer panel to enter the next Code. Repeat this process one more time and join the third Code.

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How to play Pinewood Computer Core?

PBCCan underground storage facility with modernist and futuristic features. A computer-based internal fusion reactor core powers the underground storage facility. From the front, the facility seems unbeatable, and it was challenging to get access to it even with the help of Roblox Pinewood Computer Core codes and was known primarily for itsunsolvable keypad.

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To date, no one has come close to guessing the third pattern of its three-patterned codes. While said that only a few members ofPBCChave access to all three patterned Roblox Pinewood Computer Core codes, many still believe it’s just a hoax. Your work is to stay away once you controlthe control pad,as many other players would try to take back control from you. In this article, we would be telling you how to solve the code puzzle, so stay tuned.

Final Words

PBCC, although the game is at its peak, still many find it hard to play watching spy at home but being one inRPGis an entirely different experience. We have tried collecting every crucial piece of information to aid you in the game and enhance your gaming experience. Still try to complete the computer level at a high pace cause you will find many trying to collect control pads from you and be patient while searching for codes as they broadcast over Radio from time to time, so be a good listener.

Happy Gaming!

Roblox Pinewood Computer Core Codes [March 2024] - Game Specifications (2024)


What is the code for the core in Pinewood computer core? ›

Sector G (Emergency Coolant) Former name: Classified Storage. Access to this cold storage room requires the primary code, 5-33-41-18. The room comprises three emergency coolant rods.

What is pinewood roblox? ›

Pinewood Builders, formerly known as Pinewood Builders Incorperated, is a British building community group with ventures in aerospace, mining, weaponry, physics research, and much more. The group is owned by Tokaisho, formerly known as Diddleshot.

How do I join Pia in Pinewood computer core? ›

The Pinewood Intelligence Agency is an invitation-only group. Only current PIA Moderators and Facilitators may recommend new PIA Moderators to Tokaisho. Recommendations by PIA Moderators usually have to be approved by the Facilitators before going to Tokaisho.

What is the code 2 for pinewood Roblox? ›

How to find the secondary code: The secondary code can be found by using the Credit Store clipboard. The clipboard mentions that the second code is 644-, in which the rest of the code is not written down. Using this, the player can add 1 to each digit of the primary code to get the secondary code.

Is Piggy a Roblox game? ›

To see all Piggy-related pages, click here. Piggy is an online, survival, episodic-horror game, created by MiniToon on Roblox.

Who is Diddleshot? ›

Tokaisho, also known by his former username Diddleshot is a Verified Roblox developer who is primarily known for founding the long lasting and popular group Pinewood Builders, as well as his games that test Roblox's physics engine.

Is Brookhaven the same as Roblox? ›

Launched in April 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown, Brookhaven quickly gained popularity and served as a platform for kids to connect with their friends. It then went on to become the most successful Roblox game to date.

What is Brookhaven Roblox game about? ›

Roblox Brookhaven is a pure RPG that allows you to enjoy life in a city-like environment. If you played games like Welcome to Bloxburg or MeepCity, this is very similar to those. However, the game's real fun comes out when you play it with other players, like your friends or even strangers.

How do you get pinewood in island on Roblox? ›

Pine wood is a block that can be obtained from cutting down a pine tree.

How to join pinewood builders Roblox group? ›

You can only join this group by being invited. Only the XYLEM Facilitator can invite you. A private group focused on moderation within Pinewood Builders.


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